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ULTRA WJX Tattoo Cartridges – Round Liner

$46.99$55.99 (Inc GST - 15%)

WJX ULTRA Tattoo Professional Cartridges Needles…
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    25/3 RLLT (0803RL) $46.99 This product is not in stock
    30/3 RLLT (1003RL) $46.99 This product is not in stock
    30/7 RLLT (1007RL) $52.99 This product is not in stock
    30/5 RLLT (1005RL) $49.99 This product is not in stock
    35/3 RLLT (1203RL) $46.99
    35/7 RLLT (1207RL) $52.99
    30/9 RLLT (1009RL) $55.99
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  • Perfectly engineered to complement needles and shell, ensuring high stability and facilitating a smooth, unhindered flow of ink. The medical-grade PC material used in connecting needles undergoes precise polishing by an automatic machine, contributing to a smoother operation.
  • Every aspect of the shell design prioritizes extreme comfort. Cartridge needles are optimized to enhance ink storage, absorb inks more rapidly, and ensure uniform injection.
  • Crafted from PC polycarbonate, the frame boasts colorlessness, transparency, heat resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy (BI grade), and excellent mechanical properties under normal operating temperatures.
  • This original design meticulously examines every detail, from the outer needle shell to the needle thread, ensuring smooth needle operation, efficient ink usage, fast color application, and minimal skin loss.
  • The needle wire utilizes a low tin soldering process, securing it with fogging and discharging needles, plastic sets, and precise molds. This method reduces the welding process, eliminating the need for chemical pickling and ensuring the safety and hygiene of each needle wire.
  • Featuring a cross-limiter design, the secant needle stabilization device ensures steady needle operation while increasing ink storage.
  • The incorporation of a special rebound mechanism, with four unique elastics, alleviates pressure on the needle bar.
  • Each package includes 20 pcs per box.


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Price Per Box (1 Box = 20 Pcs)

25/1 RLLT (0801RL), 25/3 RLLT (0803RL), 25/5 RLLT (0805RL), 25/7 RLLT (0807RL), 25/9 RLLT (0809RL), 25/11 RLLT (0811RL), 25/14 RLLT (0814RL), 30/1 RLLT (1001RL), 30/3 RLLT (1003RL), 30/5 RLLT (1005RL), 30/7 RLLT (1007RL), 30/9 RLLT (1009RL), 30/11 RLLT (1011RL), 30/14 RLLT (1014RL), 30/18 RLLT (1018RL), 35/1 RLLT (1201RL), 35/3 RLLT (1203RL), 35/5 RLLT (1205RL), 35/7 RLLT (1207RL), 35/9 RLLT (1209RL), 35/11 RLLT (1211RL), 35/14 RLLT (1214RL)

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