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Triton Cartridge Needles – Singles $2.99

$2.99 (Inc GST - 15%)

Introducing Triton Needles: revolutionize your tattooing experience with patented linear technology and a stabilizing plunger ball for precise needle control. Crafted from medical-grade materials and featuring a full safety membrane, each individually sterilized cartridge ensures optimal hygiene and performance, compatible with all cartridge system grips and machines.
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Triton needles stand out as the epitome of precision in cartridge design. These exceptional cartridges have undergone rigorous testing in real-world conditions and earned the endorsement of tattooing experts across the globe.

Elevate your tattooing to the highest level with unique linear technology patented in the United States. With the inclusion of a red plunger ball and stabilizing mechanism, your needles remain steady and precise, ensuring flawless performance even with the largest magnum groupings.


Highlighted Features:
– Cutting-edge linear technology patented in the USA; integrated plunger ball ensures needle stability and accuracy
– Complete safety membrane prevents ink from flowing back
– Easy and efficient cartridge insertion and removal
– Crafted from medical-grade plastic for utmost safety
– Constructed using high-quality single-use materials
– Needles crafted from 316L surgical steel for durability and precision
– Individually sterilized and packaged for hygiene
– Universally compatible with all cartridge system grips and machines


0803 RLLT, 0807 RLLT, 1005 RLLT, 1007 RLLT, 1203 RLLT, 1205 RLLT, 1207 RLLT

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