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Ozer Cartridge Needles – Singles $2.99

$2.99 (Inc GST - 15%)

Discover the OZER G Tattoo Needles Tip, engineered for precision and durability, offering comfort and compatibility for professional tattoo artists seeking superior quality and consistent results.
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    1005 RLLT $2.99
    1003 RLLT $2.99
    0807 RLLT $2.99
    0805 RLLT $2.99
    0803 RLLT $2.99
    1007 RLLT $2.99
    Total 0 $ 0.00

Introducing the OZER G Tattoo Needles Tip, engineered with precision and durability in mind. Crafted from 316L fine needles and welded flawlessly, these cartridges ensure continuous performance for 4-6 hours without dulling, thanks to their superior industrial manufacturing process. Designed with a rubber finger ledge for ergonomic comfort, they minimize hand fatigue and elevate the quality of professional tattoo work.

Experience superlative quality with the OZER Tattoo Cartridges, featuring transparent bodies for easy ink visibility and securely locked needle groupings for consistent and clean tattooing. Trust in their compatibility with most tattoo guns on the market, empowering artists of all levels to create with confidence and precision.


0803 RLLT, 0805 RLLT, 0807 RLLT, 1003 RLLT, 1005 RLLT, 1007 RLLT

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