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About Us 

Omandala Mela Tattoo Supply is committed to provide quality-premium Tattoo, Piercing, Jewellery, Body Art, Before & After Tattoo Care Products And Supplies.

Our aim is to provide most popular and latest premium quality products at the best available price to tattoo artists, tattoo studios and other industry professionals.

All our products are tested over a decade and carefully selected by our tattoo artists before bringing them to your tattoo station. Our tattoo artists are industry professionals and they know their products by heart. They only select top notch quality products to use while tattooing and our marketing research team will make sure to source them directly from manufacturer. This system works for us and allows us to give you the best possible price in the whole New Zealand market.

We believe that you should not pay more for the products to overseas suppliers when you can pay a better and affordable price for the same products right here in New Zealand. We source our products straight from the manufacturer to cut down middleman costs and pass savings to customers like you.

We will work hard and smart to bring you the best tattoo, piercing, jewellery, body art, before and after tattoo care products and supplies with a fast and efficient service that you deserve.

We are obsessed to get you the very best price that any competition can offer you in the New Zealand market. We listen and support our customers if they are not happy about products or services offered by us and we will go extra mile to help our customers to find a solution to their problems.

We are happy to receive requests from customers for the products that we do not sell or have in stock. We will try our best to source them from anywhere in the world for our valuable customers to fulfill their needs.